MIREX 2010 Symbolic Melodic Similarity: Local Alignment With Geometric Representations

J. Urbano, J. Lloréns, J. Morato and S. Sánchez-Cuadrado
Music Information Retrieval Evaluation eXchange, 2010.

Best results in the MIREX 2010 Symbolic Melodic Similarity task.


This short paper describes four submissions to the Symbolic Melodic Similarity task of the MIREX 2010 edition. All four submissions rely on a local-alignment approach between sequences of n-grams, and they differ mainly on the substitution score between two n-grams. This score is based on a geometric representation that shapes musical pieces as curves in the pitch-time plane. One of the systems described ranked first for all ten effectiveness measures used and the other three ranked from second to fifth, depending on the measure.