This is a list of research grants I have worked in.

  1. Towards Richer Online Music Public-domain Archives.
    2018-2021, funded by the European Union's H2020 Program.
  2. Gathering and Modelling Large-scale Crowdsourced Multimedia Music Data.
    2016-2017, internal project part of the María de Maeztu program funded by the Spanish Government.
  3. Análisis y Síntesis de Canto Asistida por la Comunidad (Crowdsourcing-Assisted Singing Analysis and Synthesis).
    2016-2017, funded by the Spanish Government.
  4. El Almacén de la Historia. Repositorio de Historiografía española entre 1700 y 1939 (The History Storehouse. Repository of Spanish Historiography between 1700 and 1939).
    2012-2014, funded by the Spanish Government.
  5. Bringing Undergraduate Students Closer to a Real-World Information Retrieval Setting: Methodology and Resources.
    2011-2012, funded by the University Carlos III of Madrid.
  6. Sistema de Definición de Perfiles de Profesionales y de Competencias de Formación (System for the Definition of Professional Profiles and Education Competences).
    2009-2011, funded by the Spanish and Brazilian Governments.
  7. Automated Fire and Flood Hazard Protection System.
    July 2008-January 2009, funded by the European Union.
  8. Curso sobre Búsquedas en Fuentes Abiertas (Course on Searching in Open Sources).
    December 2010, funded by the Spanish Directorate-General of the Civil Guard.